January 27, 2015

Atkins No. 400 and No. 401 Hand Saws

The Nos. 400 and 401 were Atkins' finest saws, and the only ones made with rosewood handles. They had more taper grind and more polished blades than Atkins' next-best saws. The Nos. 400 and 401 were priced 63% higher in 1937 than the mid-priced Nos. 51 and 53. No other Atkins saws had tropical wood handles. 1950 is last year for which I found Atkins No. 400 advertisements.  

Atkins' finest saws, the No. 400 and No. 401, in 1937

Atkins 400 in original box (sold)

Atkins 400, 1927 advertisement

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